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These Interactive Museums Will Wow You


As you run to social media, you might come across an ad with colorful rooms or interactive artwork, or even a local pop-up museum coming to your area. These interactive museums have recently created a wave of excitement and intrigue, as there are so many choices. Each one has a different purpose—a new way to educate or entertain.

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy museum, we’ve compiled a list of well-known interactive museums that you should plan to visit.
Giant ball pit in the Color FactoryHaving fun in the ball pit. Photo courtesy of Color Factory


This rainbow assortment of treats and fun activities for capturing moments with your friends and family is a fun way to spend an afternoon. Each room serves a different purpose when it comes to color and has a souvenir for you or a picture for you to keep. This museum is known for its giant “marshmallow” pit that people of all ages enjoy jumping into. The Color Factory has multiple locations, and for more visuals of the museum, check out their Instagram.


The name says it all. The immersion can be compared to Charlie entering Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory for the first time. Each room is devoted to a different type of candy art, and treats are given to you throughout the tour. This is fun for people of all ages, but especially for kids. The interactive areas of this museum include a swing, a giant Beach Ball, and a marshmallow pit. This museum has themed rooms throughout the year, including Halloween and Christmas, encouraging its patrons to get dressed for the occasion. Find out more about Candytopia events, and check out their Instagram for more information. 

Immerse yourself and interact with the lights and sound at Wonderspace. Video by Colin Anderson


Wonderspaces takes a different approach, with the interactions described as "experiencing extraordinary art." Each area of the museum showcases art pieces that can interact with visitors via different types of light elements. There are also rooms that host short films, specifically created to spark deeper thinking and discussions. Wonderspaces is a good choice for adults and kids alike. The museum frequently adds and change exhibits, so check out their Instagram for the latest news and events.


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This museum has a strong, interactive experience that uses mirrors, videos, and different forms of light art to fully immerse visitors in the experience. This immersive art form encourages people to not just view, but to be a part of the art. You will want to take plenty of pictures and videos to share. To better visualize the immersive experience Seismique offers, check out their Instagram

Meow Wolfs Omega MartDram Corp Factory. Photo courtesy of Meow Wolf and Kate Russell


Located in Las Vegas, Meow Wolf's Omega Mart is probably one of the zaniest, interactive museums created. Rooms are filled with optical illusions, and so much more. The labyrinth of various activities inspires you to keep an open mind and think creatively. Some rooms may look normal to the naked eye, but opening something as simple as a refrigerator can transport you to another world. Want to see more? Check out their Instagram.
Pink Bathroom small Selfie MusuemPink Bathroom small. Photo courtesy of Museum of Selfies Las Vegas


This photogenic museum is designed exactly for what it’s called—taking selfies. The best way to grasp the various types of interactions offered is to look at the Museum's Instagram page, which shares all of its visitors as well as its different rooms, walls, and murals. Visitors can take some really interesting photos. The Museum of Selfies is expanding, and may soon be on the east coast. For now, you can visit its two locations in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.