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9 Unique Summer Camps for Adults


AAA infographic on summer camps for adults

I spent five summers of my childhood in the heart of Florida at a summer camp with 11 other boys in a single cabin. We shared one shower, one toilet, one sink, and zero air-conditioning. And I absolutely loved it.

As an adult, I certainly don’t have the same tolerance for humidity and a lack of basic privacy, but I do regularly seek the charm, wonder, and sense of community that Circle F Dude Ranch provided. One quick Google search made me realize that I’m not alone—the trend of summer camps for adults has skyrocketed as resorts and properties now cater to older adventurers with a range of activities like horseback riding, archery, canoeing, and even arts and crafts.

"Vacationing at what is essentially an adult summer camp gives our guests a chance to relive those childhood memories in ways that are both nostalgic but also new,” says Kurt Reineke, wilderness manager of The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. “They are also exposing their own children to these activities for the first time. It’s a throwback, as well as a new memory for them. And it’s all smiles.

If you’re eyeing a summer trip with nature at the helm, consider one of the options below. These summer camps for adults range in price and accommodation types, from the ultra-luxe to the more minimalistic, but all have one mission—reconnecting adults to the precious memories and feelings from years past.

Camp Camp cabinsCabins at 'Camp' Camp; Photo courtesy of 'Camp' Camp and Bree Ann Buckley

It may be hard to imitate the experiences found in Nickelodeon’s “Salute Your Shorts” or Disney Channel’s “Bug Juice,” but there are a bevy of businesses that aim to bring the traditional look and feel of camping to their visitors.

Camp No Counselors, with locations in New York and California, offers all-inclusive weekends at actual summer camps. Guests participate in Olympics-style competitions throughout the day and enjoy lip-sync battles and talent shows at night.

Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut, boasts similar vibes in an environment where adults can “unleash their inner child.” The lakefront property specializes in water sports like wakeboarding, water-skiing, kayaking, and even flyboarding, which launches participants into the air using a jetpack.

But it's the LGBTQ-friendly ‘Camp’ Camp in central Maine that has truly captured the communal spirit and acceptance that summer camps fostered in our youth. With bunk bed-filled cabins, cantina-style meals, and nightly bonfires, there is a reason why over 40% of “campers” and staff have returned for five years or more.

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Gratitude Retreat Patio at Miraval in ArizonaThe Gratitude Retreat Patio at Miraval Resorts in Arizona; Photo courtesy of Miraval Arizona Resort & Spa

While some may seek to completely immerse themselves in nature and rely only on bare necessities to get by, others still favor the luxuries of elevated dining, manicured grounds, and the option to rest their heads in private, tastefully designed living quarters.

Of course, there are plenty of recognizable wellness retreats through programs at Canyon Ranch and Miraval Resorts that integrate indulgences like spa treatments and private Pilates classes into daily routines. Travelers looking for a less stuffy environment will likely enjoy Tecate, Mexico’s Rancho La Puerta. The resort recruits experts across the globe to lead dozens of activities throughout the day, from hiking to water polo, so visitors can customize a schedule that matches their unique interests and athletic levels. When not burning calories and meeting new people, guests enjoy thoughtfully decorated casitas for relaxing, afternoon siestas, and wine-on-the-patio nights.

Broadmoor Hotel aerial lake and hotel viewBoardmoor Hotel and lake in Colorado; Photo courtesy of Boardmoor

The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, also goes above and beyond to maintain summer camp vibes with mule rides, pickleball, and mountain biking as part of three on-site wilderness properties. But it’s the awe-inspiring views of its rooms, cottages, and cabins, perched along the picturesque Cheyenne Mountain, that lure visitors to appreciate the harmonious balance of staying at a five-star hotel that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere.

Glamping has also seen a rise in popularity with private tents outfitted in designer furniture and textiles, but the Nature Space Eco Resort on Prince Edward Island has flipped the script with cozy yurts, complete with private hot tubs. Guests can choose from three different adventure buckets (culinary, water, and land) to enhance their stay with activities like oyster harvesting and forest bathing—a therapeutic practice that encourages sensory engagement with nature.

No matter the budget, travel intention, or lodging preference, one thing's certain among many vacation-goers—a newfound desire to reconnect with the environment, meet new people, and lean into the carefree disposition of our childhoods. Luckily, this can be achieved at these popular destinations, along with several other hospitality companies—all with a primary mission to remove the noise of the outside world and celebrate the beauty of unspoiled nature.