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How To Clean Your Vehicle


Life can get very busy, and that usually requires getting behind the wheel to get to a destination. Since a lot of us use our cars and trucks daily, it’s not always easy to keep the interior both clean and organized. When you have some downtime, however, here are some quick ways to get your vehicle looking, smelling, and feeling just like the day you bought it.


The interior carpet of your vehicle sees a lot of action, as not only do passengers rest their feet on it, but carpets are also prone to collecting outside dirt and crumbs from spilled food items. A great way to give your interior carpet a quick clean is to thoroughly vacuum it. Not only will it look cleaner, but vacuuming will also prevent any unpleasant smells from developing.

Floor mats offer an extra level of defense against outside dirt and grime. Just like your vehicle’s carpets, though, they can easily collect dirt and debris. Since floor mats are removable, cleaning them with a vacuum makes for a quick and easy task. If your vehicle has rubber floor mats, you can take cleaning a step further by giving them a bath with soap and water.


Often overlooked, your vehicle’s cabin filter keeps pollen and contaminants from entering the interior when the heater or air-conditioning is in use. Generally, the cabin filter is located within the dashboard and accessed through the glove box, but it’s best to check with your specific vehicle application. The good news, however, is that replacing a cabin filter is quite affordable and can be done at home with simple tools. Once the filter is replaced, your vehicle will be able to circulate fresh air throughout the cabin as intended.
Cleaning inside car


Items such as the center console, dashboard, and steering wheel controls are prone to collecting dust or getting dirty due to constant use while driving. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to wipe down any surfaces with either a disinfectant wipe or specialty automobile interior wipe. Not only will the wipes help to improve the appearance of those surfaces, but they will make the interior smell clean as well.


Your vehicle’s seats deserve some hard-earned TLC. Not only do they have to look presentable, but they also need to be comfortable and supportive as you drive your vehicle. Over time, however, your seats are prone to getting dirty, so giving them a solid clean can work wonders.

If your vehicle has cloth upholstery, vacuuming any dirt or debris can be a quick and effective way to provide a deep clean. Vehicle owners with leather seating have an extra step when it comes to upholstery care, as it is advisable to use. These products are designed to deep-clean the leather surfaces and help to prolong the appearance and finish of your vehicle’s leather interior from UV rays.

 Washing car


Due to their transparent nature, your vehicle’s windows are some of the first things you may notice need a cleaning. While you may be able to give them a quick clean during a fill-up at the gas station, the better solution is to clean windows with a dedicated glass-cleaning product, as it will be able to better remove any grime from the glass. To help achieve a streak-free finish, consider using a microfiber towel for best results.


Great for storing things, your vehicle’s trunk is another area that can benefit from a bit of spring cleaning. The simplest solution is to remove everything unnecessary from your trunk, which can clear up valuable space. Additionally, a clutter-free cargo area allows the trunk lining to be cleaned as well.

There are must-have items that we keep in our cars at all times. For those situations, consider using a trunk organizer. Not only will it allow you to keep all your necessary gear in an orderly fashion, but a trunk organizer will also prevent any loose items from rolling around while you are driving.

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