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Starting Strong: Tips for New Employees to Excel from Day One


As I walked in the front doors on my first day at AAA Ohio Auto Club, I did not know what to expect. I had a wide range of emotions ranging from excited, to nervous, to anxious. I wanted to make a good first impression on everyone I encountered.

A group of coworkers eating lunch together

When I first arrived in the office, I got settled in and received a tour of the building. It was a lot to take in—there were so many rooms, departments and people to remember for the future. Later that day, my department took me out for lunch to celebrate my first day; we went to J. Alexander’s. I felt so welcomed and appreciated—this was the first time a company had treated me to such a warm gesture. Once we returned to the office I had one-on-ones with a few people in my office, where I was able to learn more about their roles and ask valuable questions. I would describe the culture in my department as very friendly and inviting. My boss took the necessary steps to make sure I was not overwhelmed, and was grasping my role at an appropriate pace. Some words of wisdom: do not stress over remembering everyone’s names and job duties at first. As you get situated within your role, you will naturally begin to remember names and faces—and let’s be honest, you really only need to remember where to find the bathroom and the lunchroom anyways. As I reflect back on my positive onboarding experience at AAA, I have come up with some general tips that I believe can help any new employee.

Three coworkers chatting while drinking coffee

Remember, you are the new kid on the block. You must be willing to assimilate into the established culture of the company, and embrace new changes as positive ones. Get to know your coworkers and find out things you may have in common. Your job is much more satisfying when you are a part of a cohesive team. Attend any company outings or community service opportunities to show your dedication to your company. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your coworkers, so let your hair down and have some wholehearted fun.

Be open to change—it’s a part of life. Your new organization’s strategies/ work dynamic may be totally different from what you’re used to. But in a way, this is why you chose to work for them, so be excited for the opportunity. Be open to meeting new people, not just in your department, but around the whole building. If you’re eating lunch and notice someone reading your favorite book, don’t be afraid to go spark a conversation. Have meet-and-greets with colleagues that interest you and ask questions about their department. You never know what new opportunities can come from simply networking within your company.

Adjusting to a new environment can be intimidating and overwhelming at times. However, you must be receptive to feedback that is given by your co-workers and supervisors. Yes, you have expertise in your area—it landed you this job – but it is still important to brush up on your skills and learn new techniques. This will help you can contribute more meaningful ideas on projects.

Overall, just remember that everyone in your establishment was once in your shoes. They will be understanding and prepared to help you make a seamless transition into your new role!