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Every year, nearly 10 million Americans take time to spring clean their homes and get rid of unwanted items through yard and garage sales. Clean out the clutter and extra items around your home—and earn some extra cash while doing so—by following these tips for having a successful yard sale.

The first step in preparing for a successful yard sale is gathering the items you’re going to sell. If you haven’t worn or used it recently, or no longer have a need for it, you should probably get rid of it.

Go through your garage, basement, attic, closets, cabinets, and anywhere else you store “stuff.” As you do, sort everything into “keep”, “sell”, or “trash” piles. Doing the major sorting and prep work ahead of time will help make the process less stressful.

Then, set a date for your sale. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings are usually best. Consider scheduling it on the first weekend of the month, especially if the day’s forecast is dry and sunny.

Also take time to gather supplies you may need. Buy pricing stickers and labels, gather enough tables to display your things, and consider a lock or other cash box to keep your earnings safe. Plastic grocery bags and newspapers can help pack and wrap up items you sell.

Price Everything

When pricing your items, try not to price them based on sentimental value. This can lead to overpricing. Do a quick search online to check the value of an item, and price it about ⅓ to ½ of what you would buy it for new. Ask a non-biased friend or family member to help.

The lower you price items, the more likely they are to sell. However, don’t cheat yourself. Price items fairly so they will not just sell, but also earn you some cash.

Be sure to make all prices visible by using tags or stickers. If you’re grouping similarly priced items together with a sign, the sign should be visible and groups of items clear. Also consider bundling items for a flat rate.

Advertising for a yard sale can be simple. Make up some signs, use balloons, or big arrows to direct people to your house. You can also advertise in the local paper, community bulletins or Facebook pages, on your personal social media or in designated yard sale social media groups.

Be Prepared
On the day of the sale, have plenty of change on hand, especially small bills. Be ready to negotiate or haggle with a customer (but stick to your guns if you need to).

Clean or wash what you are selling, and take some extra time to make your displays look more appealing. When you’re setting up, your items should look nice or attractive. Put larger or more interesting items closer to the street so people are enticed to stop. If something requires batteries, it may be helpful to have a few on hand to show the customer the item works.

Enlisting help from friends or family members can help keep everything organized throughout the day. The nicer the sale looks to customers, the more likely they are to buy something.

Keep the doors of your house locked, don’t let anyone into your home, and be on guard when it comes to the cash. Be aware of what’s going on and you’ll have a safe and successful yard sale.