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10 Essential Questions Your Insurance Agent Will Ask


If you haven’t shopped around for auto insurance lately, you could be paying for a policy that doesn’t properly protect you—or spending more than you should. Talking with your insurance agent could remedy those situations. Here are 10 questions your insurance agent will likely ask when you have that conversation.

  1. What’s the make, model, year and Vehicle Information Number (VIN) of the vehicle?

  2. How many miles are on the vehicle?

  3. Does the vehicle have any safety features or anti-theft devices?

  4. What’s the number, age and occupation of drivers in the household?

  5. What’s the driving history of each driver, including any auto accidents and moving violations?

  6. About how many miles annually will the vehicle be driven? (If you don’t drive many miles, you may qualify for a low-mileage discount.)

  7. If any teen drivers will be driving the vehicle, have they completed instruction through a defensive driving school? Also, do they earn good grades in school? (Affirmative answers to those questions could qualify them for discounts.) Additionally, note if you have a driver who is away at college without a car, which could result in more savings.

  8. How will you use the vehicle (whether for strictly personal use or a mix of personal and business use)?

  9. Where do you live, and where will the vehicle be kept (for example, in a garage, in a driveway or on the street)?

  10.   How much liability coverage are you looking for, and how high or low of a deductible do you want?

Meeting with insurance agent

Also, be sure to look at your insurance coverages holistically—for example, bundling auto and home—for the best protection and potential savings. Home and umbrella policies can work in tandem with an auto policy for more comprehensive coverage. So, say, if something happens to your car when it’s in the garage, it could be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. An umbrella policy could kick in if there’s a loss that exceeds the coverage limits of your auto policy.   

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As with most purchases, it pays to know your options. And since the lowest price is not always the best choice, your insurance agent can help you find a combination of coverage and cost that fits your needs.