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2022 Review: Volkswagen ID.4

In a crossover segment full of great choices, a few stand above the crowd—namely, all-electric models such as the Volkswagen ID.4.

This compact crossover looks pretty conventional—until you realize there’s no gasoline engine. Instead, the all-wheel-drive version I spent time driving was propelled by a pair of electric motors with a combined output of 302 horsepower.

The lithium-ion battery pack gives the ID.4 a range of about 250 miles per charge. Topping it off can be done from a normal 110-volt wall plug (albeit very slowly) as well as faster Level 2 and Level 3 chargers.

The modern interior is noticeably quiet and easily accommodates four adults or 64.2 cubic feet of cargo. The vehicle has a couple of quirks, however, including a tricky arrangement that uses just two switches to operate all four power windows.

But, when you figure in a long list of desirable features, such as a large infotainment display with navigation and heated front seats with massage features, you have a small crossover that makes a big impact.

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  • Quiet, comfortable cabin with room for four
  • Enough range to be practical for everyday use


  • Lacks “one-pedal driving” capability
  • Certain controls take some getting used to.


  • A futuristic crossover that you can drive today


  • Base Price: $39,995
  • As Tested: $50,870


  • NHTSA/Overall: Not yet rated.

M.P.G.e. (city/highway)

  • 107/91 MPGe (RWD)
  • 98/88 MPGe (AWD)