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2023 Review: Ford Expedition Max

Despite its somewhat dated design, the Nissan Armada is a surprisingly likable full-size SUV. In many ways, there’s nothing new about this second-generation Armada. For starters, it uses the same traditional body-on-frame construction that’s been underpinning big SUVs for decades. Normally, this results in a distinctly truckish feeling, with an overly harsh ride and ponderous handling. In this case, however, the big Nissan manages to rise above its utilitarian roots to deliver an unanticipated level of on-road refinement.

Ride quality is noticeably smooth, with the nicely tuned suspension doing a good job of soaking up most small bumps in the road. The handling is decent enough as long as you remember this is a 3-ton truck, not a sports car.

Add an old-school powertrain built around a gutsy (and thirsty) 400-hp, 5.6-liter V8 engine, a plush seven- or eight-passenger interior, a 92.6-cubic-foot cargo hold and an 8,500-pound tow rating, and you have a big SUV that’s worth a look.


EPA Fuel Economy 

  • 14 City/19 Highway


  • Base Price: $50,700
  • As Tested:  $71,545