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2020 Review: HONDA INSIGHT


There was a time when the Honda Insight was considered a radical set of wheels: a gasoline-electric hybrid with styling exotic enough that other drivers would pull up alongside you just to give you a big thumbs-up.

Fast-forward two decades, and that super-aerodynamic two-door hatchback design that turned so many heads when it was the first hybrid sold in the U.S. has been replaced by a four-door sedan body that would be utterly unrecognizable if you pulled up next to it at a stoplight. And yet, this third-generation Insight is a vastly better car by almost any measure.

Inside is where you’ll notice the biggest improvements, including a back seat with adult-size comfort. The original hatchback’s cargo bay has been replaced by a trunk with a decent 15.1 cubic feet of space; fold-down rear seatbacks make room for longer items.

So, while the Honda Insight might have lost its “hey-look-how-green-I-am” styling, it now feels like a hybrid that’s all grown up.


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  • 50-plus miles per gallon from an ordinary-looking sedan
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone integration standard


  • Some buyers will find it too ordinary-looking.
  • Push-button gear selector takes some getting used to.


  • Excellent fuel economy without the way-out styling


  • Base Price: $22,930
  • As Tested: $28,340 


  • NHTSA: 5 Stars 

M.P.G. (city/highway)

  • 55/49 (1.5L I4/CVT automatic)