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2021 Review: Nissan Frontier

If ever there were a model in need of a serious reboot, it would be the Nissan Frontier, a midsize pickup that hadn’t had a significant makeover since its 2005 debut. Well, that all changed with this thoroughly revamped 2022 model, built in Canton, Mississippi.

Notice that I didn’t say this Frontier is “all-new” because, well, it’s not. The thirsty 310-horsepower, 3.8-liter V6 carries over, and the truck’s underpinnings, while significantly updated, are largely based on the previous generation.

This new Frontier does sport some major upgrades, including an attractively redesigned interior with good comfort up front. The rear seat in the four-door crew cab versions, however, is not particularly adult-friendly. The lack of a telescoping steering wheel is another ergonomic shortcoming.

The four-wheel drive Pro-4X model I tested (not to be confused with the two-wheel drive Pro-X) featured off-road-oriented hardware and 9.8 inches of ground clearance. Like most models built to handle rugged terrain, the ride quality was a little stiff on the pavement.

Ultimately, the 2022 Nissan Frontier isn’t perfect, but it is a notable improvement.


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  • Its ruggedly handsome exterior makes it a head-turner.
  • Pro-4X model has above-average off-road chops


  • Less towing capacity (6,720 pounds max) than most competitors
  • Heavy steering and limited turning radius make maneuvering a chore.


  • A big step forward, but not quite a category leader


  • Base Price: $27,840
  • As Tested: $43,165


  • NHTSA/Overall: Not yet rated.

M.P.G. (city/highway)

  • 18/24 (3.8L RWD)
  • 17/22 (3.8L 4WD)