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2023 Review: Tesla Model 3

There are just a handful of vehicle models that would cause enough stir to actually attract the attention of people that swear they’re not into cars. The Tesla Model 3 is one of them. 


Even if it’s not considered as futuristic as it once was, heads still turn when an all-electric Model 3 sedan cruises by. Before you whip out your checkbook, however, there are a few things to know. First, it’s just a car. Second, parking one in your garage will not improve your golf score. 


My biggest complaint is that this is a car designed for engineers and other tech-obsessed types. Even for them, though, the attraction of figuring out what all those touch-screen “buttons” (and there are a lot of them) actually do will surely fade quickly. 


All things considered, the attraction of the Tesla Model 3 has lost much of its shine now that there are a number of appealing EV competitors.

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Fuel Economy (MPGe*)

  • 138 City
  • 126 Highway




  • Base MSRP: $46,990  
  • As tested: N

* Miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent