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2019 Review: Toyota Corolla Hybrid

We can send astronauts into Earth’s orbit, maintain them there for months and bring them safely home again. So why are we settling for cars that return so-so fuel economy numbers? The answer is clear: we don’t have to, not with wheels such as the 2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid.

This compact sedan achieves more than 50 miles per gallon in EPA fuel economy tests. This impressive range of more than 500 miles per fill-up should take most people through their workweek with plenty of gas left over for weekend shenanigans.

If there’s a downside, it’s that the Corolla Hybrid is only offered in the lowest trim level. So if you’re looking for luxury, you’ll have to look elsewhere. Both ride quality and handling are perfectly palatable, though, making this an ideal everyday ride.

Certainly, naysayers will find nits to pick, but the Toyota Corolla Hybrid proves that a solid, truly fuel-efficient car is possible right here on Earth.


  • Some 500-plus miles between fill-ups make it a groovy road-trip machine.
  • All the green cred you could want in a normal-looking package


  • Perfectly adequate performance but definitely not sporty.
  • Has Apple CarPlay smartphone integration but no Android Auto.


  • How long before fuel-efficient cars becomes the norm, not the anomaly?


  • Base Price: $21,300
  • As Tested: $23,880


  • NHTSA: 5 stars overall

M.P.G. (city/highway)

  • 53/52 (1.8L I4/hybrid system/CVT automatic/FWD)