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2023 Review: Volvo XC40 Recharge

The all-new Volvo XC40 Recharge is proof of how dramatically times have changed. Simply take a peek under this small luxury crossover’s hood, and the picture becomes clear. The 2.0-liter, 347-horsepower four-cylinder gasoline engine that powers other versions of this entry-level luxury model is just plain gone. Instead, drivers get a surprisingly handy “frunk” (front-trunk) that expands this comparatively small vehicle’s total cargo capacity significantly. 


If you’re a chronic over-packer (you know who you are), the rear seats fold down to make room for even more over-stuffed suitcases. If it’s people you need to haul, split-folding rear seatbacks make plenty of room for a pair of good-size adults.


Propelling this non-polluting machine are 30 kilowatts of battery packs squeezed underneath the floorboards. Given that most people rarely travel more than 100 miles on a typical day, this Volvo’s EPA mileage range estimate of 223 miles on a full charge should be enough to get most folks through their daily commute with room to spare. 


If you’ve never driven an all-electric model, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Like other battery-electric designs, the XC40 Recharge offers acceleration comparable with “exotic” sports cars—without their jaw-dropping price tags. This all-wheel-drive electric Volvo will also tow a respectable 2,000 pounds; down a bit from the gasoline version’s 3,500-pound max tow rating but still useful. 


Since this is, after all, a high-end model, my test car was fitted out accordingly, with everything from adaptive LED headlights that intuitively light your way around dark corners to adaptive cruise control that maintains a set distance between you and the car ahead. My test model also came with the added convenience of a lane-centering feature that takes the fatigue out of long trips.


If there’s one thing that removes the luster from the XC40 Recharge’s cabin, it would have to be the “leatherette” upholstery. Of course, it’s a positive for those who prefer vegan-friendly leather-free materials.

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Bottom Line:

  • Long-known for the safety of its models, Volvo builds on its reputation and adds a new “green” twist.

Fuel Economy (MPGe*)


  • 92 City
  • 79 Highway




  • Base MSRP: $53,550
  • As tested: $58,995


* Miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent