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KeeKee's Corner
Take Your Family on a Camping Adventure

Everything you need for fun in the great outdoors

Ah! Campfires, s’mores, telling stories, being in nature, fresh air. Camping is a great way to get away as a family and enjoy the great outdoors.

Thanks to all the rentable camping solutions available, it’s easier than ever to have a Family Camping Adventure. Whether you want to rent and tow a pop-up camper or rent everything you need to tent camp, there are super easy ways to do it.

AAA can help you find a campground, rent a travel trailer camper with Outdoorsy, or have tent camping gear delivered to your door with Arrive Outdoors.

Then it’s time to enjoy the adventure. Here are some of our favorite family activities to do when camping.

KeeKee's Travel Corner; KeeKee Camping Adventure

Cooking Out
This is always one of our favorite parts…planning the menu and cooking over the open fire. There’s nothing like a breakfast of eggs and bacon made over the campfire.

You can keep the menu simple with hamburgers and hot dogs or get fancy with campfire recipes you find on Pinterest.

Campfire Evenings
The campfire is for more than cooking. Once you’ve roasted the marshmallows and made s’mores gather round to play games like I Spy or Telephone, tell stories and sing songs.

Hiking & Biking
Most campgrounds have great trails you can explore on foot or by bike if you bring yours along.

Hiking is a great way to explore nature. Bring along a compass to teach the kids to use, pick up or bring along a map and hit the trails.

Make sure to pack fields guides to identify and learn about the plants, flowers, trees, bugs, and all the nature you discover on your hikes.

Playing Games
Games are a great way to have fun as a family. Even better, the family discussion that happens while playing is a great way to bond and come together.

Out in nature, Scavenger Hunts can be fun for everyone. Get KeeKee’s Camping Scavenger Hunt in the new KeeKee Kid’s Corner download.

You can also play games that need more room, like Charades and Hide-and-Seek. Kids love flashlights, so bring enough for a game of Flashlight Tag.

Card games can be a lot of fun and are very portable. You can buy game decks like Skip-Bo or Uno. (Uno even has Minecraft and Harry Potter themed cards), or play games with a standard set of cards, such as Go Fish and War.

You can find card games at your local toy store or the toy section of Target or Walmart. Most have a board game section and a section dedicated to kid and family card games.

Family Camping and star-gazine

Camping is the perfect time to stare up at the night sky to identify stars and constellations. Bring along a night sky chart or use a stargazing app. You can even do a Constellation and Star Hunt to see who can identify the most.

How many birds can you identify through their markings and their songs? Being outdoors is an excellent opportunity to get into birding. Bring binoculars and a local bird guide or chart to help everyone identify what you discover.

Go Fishing
Suppose you’re camping on a lake or river. In that case, it’s an excellent opportunity to bring along basic fishing gear and teach the kids to fish. Plus, you will know what is for dinner. There may also be canoeing and kayaking, which are fun activities to get everyone on the water.

Most importantly, have fun exploring nature together. Camping Adventure Awaits!

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