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Plan Your Family Celebration Vacation


Major milestones are the perfect reason to plan an epic family trip. Whether it’s your immediate family, extended family, or your family of friends, here are some great adventure ideas to start planning your Family Celebration Vacation!

Landmark birthdays are ripe for celebration…16th, 21st, 50th, 70th, and more!

California wine country for a 21st birthday celebration? It’s also a fun destination for 40th birthdays. Winery hop around Napa, Sonoma, or the Central Coast.

For the big 50th, charter a catamaran and cruise around the Bahamas, Croatia, or the islands of Greece. Enjoy floating in the beautiful seas by day and stopping at different ports for excellent meals each night.

An all-inclusive resort in Mexico or the Caribbean can be an excellent destination for any birthday and size group. These resorts take care of everything from activities to meals to excursions. You just show up and celebrate.

High school and college graduations are milestones for the kids and parents. It’s the perfect time to plan a summer adventure to remember.

Has your daughter or granddaughter always wanted to go to Paris? Surprise her with an adventure to the City of Lights. While there, venture more around Europe to explore other top cities like London and Rome.

Has your son or grandson always wanted to go on safari? Take the whole family on a South African Adventure. Explore Cape Town’s history and take a safari in Kruger National Park.

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Significant wedding anniversaries provide the perfect vacation occasions.

Take the family to Hawaii to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary, complete with a wedding vow renewal on the gorgeous beaches of Kaua’i.

To celebrate the grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary, cruise with the family to Alaska to explore its incredible wilderness and wildlife. Or take a European River Cruise down Germany’s Rhine River for castles, charming villages, and wine regions.

Planning a once in a lifetime extended family reunion can be a landmark event in and of itself.

Ancestry Trips are becoming very popular in countries like Ireland and Italy. Bring everyone together to explore where your family’s history began.

The Dude Ranch Vacation is the perfect backdrop for a family reunion. While horseback riding is the central theme, there’s something for everyone to do, even if it’s just relaxing and being together in the great outdoors.

Renting a villa for the whole family or booking a small group guided tour are also great ways to bring everyone together regardless of occasion or destination.

Having a guide and resource to help you plan your Family Celebration Vacation can be super helpful when it comes to coordinating a big group with people traveling from different places. Travel Agents are not only your planning partner; they can save you time and money. Find your local AAA Advisor here.

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