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Travel Inspiration | Mid-Atlantic States | Road Trip
4 Amazing Swimming Holes in the Mid-Atlantic


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You never know what adventures you’ll find on the open road. Home to the oldest states in the country, Colonial America’s best kept secret are rewarding hikes off the beaten path – leading to swimming holes. Refreshing in the summer but a must-see all year round.

Kilgore Falls in Maryland
Kilgore waterfall on an Autumn day in Maryland

The hike to these idyllic Maryland falls is just 1.3 miles and the falls are more than enough reward. Wade into the waters below in the warmer weather, and crawl and explore around the rocks any time of year. Just an hour north of Baltimore, this destination is perfect for a scenic day trip in Colonial America.

White Clay Creek in Delaware

This state park may be a fisher’s paradise, just a 15 minute drive outside of Newark. While you’ll be close to the city, you’ll feel transported to the regions backcountry with picturesque views and untouched landscape. Open from May to September each year, White Clay Creek flows gently through the countryside, offering rocky shores where families can dip their toes after a long drive, enjoy the lush forest and relax in the warmer months.

Upper Falls in Holly river state park in West Virginia
Upper Falls in Holly river state park in West Virginia

The Holly River meanders through the lush forests of West Virginia, dipping occasionally over mossy rocks in a gentle cascade. Throughout 
Holly River State Parkfind endless outdoor adventure with aerial tours, geocaching, hiking, horseback riding and more! Pro Tip: Adventure off the beaten path with confidence and get free personalized maps via the AAA and CAA mobile app!

Little Dismal Falls, Virginia
Little Dismal Falls, Virginia

Don’t let the name fool you. These panoramic falls are a delight for swimming in warm weather and perfect for outdoor adventure all year-round. Explore the region on foot through a variety of trails in Virginia’s wooded hills. End your day at falls for a cool dip in the water or photo opportunity at the end of your hike.

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