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10 Rental Driving Tips


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1. Know what fuel your moving truck requires.
Before starting your move, check what fuel your moving truck requires. Locate the decal near the fuel tank or on the sun visor inside the cab to confirm if your truck requires gasoline or diesel fuel. Learn more about fueling your Penske Truck.

2. Look at weather conditions.
Check weather sources before and while traveling to avoid hazardous conditions. Keep extra room between you and the vehicle in front of you when traveling on wet, snow and ice-covered roads. Have an emergency kit ready and obey any travel restrictions during severe storms. Read more tips from Penske if you expect to travel in wet weather or during the winter season.

3. Take time to adjust seating position and mirrors.
Don’t head down the road until you adjust your seat and mirrors to best see the road around and behind you. Moving trucks require more room to make lane changes and turns than your personal vehicle, so adjusting mirrors is important. If someone is traveling with you, ask them to guide you from a safe position outside the truck when backing up your vehicle.

4. Know your truck’s size.
Driving a rental truck may feel different at first, so be aware of your vehicle’s height while traveling. The truck’s dimensions are posted on the inside of the windshield and in the vehicle box, viewable when looking in the side mirrors from the driver's seat. Look for signs alerting you of low clearances like bridges, parking garages and drive-throughs. Keep an eye out for other obstructions like tree limbs and wires. If you’re unsure if there is enough space to pass under an obstruction, find a new route around it.

Penske rental truck driving down the street

5. Drive with caution.
Moving trucks require a larger turning area than your personal vehicle. Take extra time before lane changes to ensure the road is clear of other traffic. Check left, right, then left again before crossing through an intersection. Pay attention to the road in front of you to avoid making sudden stops or abrupt lane changes, and always use your turn signals. Gradually build to your desired speed and obey the speed limit.

6. Leave room between you and the vehicle in front of you.
Don’t tailgate other vehicles when driving a moving truck. Moving trucks and vans need more time to stop, so stay four car lengths behind other vehicles and leave extra room when driving in bad weather.

7. Know the rules and regulations around you.
Depending on where you’re traveling, you’ll need to know the local, state, federal, municipal and provincial rules of the cities, states and provinces you’re driving through. For example, your moving truck may be subject to weigh station requirements. Since every state has different requirements for moving trucks, Penske Truck Rental advises customers to stop at weigh stations to ensure compliance with regulations. Also, be aware of restrictions in areas marked “no trucks.” And if you need any legal documents during your move, they will be located behind the driver’s seat.

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8. Always secure your moving truck and van.
Check that all doors are properly closed before driving. When renting a moving truck, turn the rear cargo door latch clockwise to lock and counterclockwise to open. When renting a van, close the left door, followed by the right. Always keep the keys with you and be sure not to lock them in the vehicle.

9. All passengers need to travel inside the cab.
Passengers are only allowed to ride in the truck’s cab. Do not allow passengers to ride inside the back of the truck, not even for a short distance. And always wear a seatbelt.

10. Stay connected with the Penske Truck Rental app.
Download the Penske Truck Rental app to stay connected with reservation notifications, access to your reservation on the go, and helpful videos and instructions. Learn more about the benefits of the Penske Truck Rental App.