Crossing guard helps kids safety cross the street



Adult Crossing Guards play an important role in the safety of hundreds of thousands of school children each day. Placed at key locations, Crossing Guards safeguard children on their way to and from school and alert drivers of the presence of approaching pedestrians.

Crossing guards serve as role models, helping young pedestrians gain the skills needed to safely cross the streets at all times. Many Adult Crossing Guards work closely with our AAA School Safety Patrols

To learn more or schedule a presentation, contact the Traffic Safety Lead in your state.

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safe crossings

Adult Crossing Guard Training

“Safe Crossings,” is a comprehensive Adult Crossing Guard curriculum that incorporates local law enforcement, school districts, and county agencies to comprehensively train and meet the needs of the Adult Crossing Guards in their respective areas.

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“Safe Crossings” hands-on training sessions include the following topics:

Traits and Responsibilities of an Adult Crossing Guard:

  • Importance of Public Image
  • Primary Duties and Responsibilities
  • "Grouping" Pedestrians
  • Emergency Vehicle Situations
  • Escorting Younger Children
  • Keeping Alert to Violators
  • Manual Direction of Traffic
  • Observing Traffic Flow & Conditions
  • Stopping Pedestrian Movement Before Re-Starting Traffic
  • Two-Guard Crossing
  • Working at Signalized Crossings/Various Crossing Situations
  • Working with the School Safety Patrol
Some crossing guard programs are managed solely by state and local governments. In these areas the “Safe Crossings” program may not be available. Please check with the Traffic Safety Specialist in your area for further clarification.