Started in 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol program is a peer-to-peer initiative to help keep school-aged children safe walking to and from school. Since AAA provides School Safety Patrol equipment free of charge to more than 4,000 schools within our Club’s footprint, we have developed the following guidelines and resources. By complying with these guidelines, you are supporting our efforts to maintain the equipment needs of over 93,000 students serving as patrols in our region. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

New Online Order Form

This year we are excited to offer an online form to order your School Safety Patrol materials!

The online form is the preferred method to order supplies. Using the online form to submit orders generates an email to you with a summary of your order and additional instructions as needed. For those schools unable to access the online form, the standard paper order form is still available for use. Schools ordering School Safety Patrol materials are required to provide all information requested on the order form.

Limits to Annual Reorder Quantity

Due to the increased cost to support the program, we are limiting the reorder quantity of the most costly items (patrol belts and badges) to one-third the size of your patrol group. This restriction will reduce our overall program costs and enable us to continue providing these items to schools at no charge. Through proper care and control, belts and badges should last an average of three years. By limiting the annual reorder quantity of these items, you can replace your entire inventory in three years. Your help to control our costs will ensure that all schools participating in the program will continue to receive safety patrol materials and equipment free of charge.

Additional Materials

We will continue to provide supplies of collateral materials (certificates, handbooks, and parent permission cards) at the requested quantities, which should be equal to the number of students participating in your program year-round.

Ordering Tips

  • All requests for School Safety Patrol materials must be submitted using the Safety Patrol Equipment online or paper order form.
  • Please submit ONE order to cover your entire school year. We only order supplies once a year, delivering before the school year starts. We do not carry any extra stock during the school year. 
  • The order should include the materials you will need for your end-of-year awards presentations. 
  • Placing one order will save the program the expense of paying for multiple shipments. 
  • Each school is eligible to receive ONE (1) special gold colored patroller badge for use with programs such as “patroller of the week/month.” This badge may be replaced once every three years. 

Care of School Safety Patrol Materials

  • Collect ALL belts and badges at the end of the school year. Refrain from allowing students to keep these items.Instead, provide the Merit Certificate and Service Lapel Pin as recognition of the patroller’s hard work and service.
  • To achieve longer belt life, refrain from removing badges from the belt, as this creates holes and weakens the belt webbing. 
  • When belts become dirty, clean them with a “spray and wash” type of cleaner. 
  • If your school uses officers, assign them the responsibility of collecting belts and badges at the end of the school year. 
  • Mark the inside of your belts with the size. The belts only have a small sticker on the back of the belt clip to indicate size, and the stickers wear off easily. Marking the size of the belt with a felt marker will help you keep track of your belt inventory, as well as making it easy to determine belt sizes for your future patrollers. 

For questions about the AAA School Safety Patrol program, contact your local Traffic Safety representative.

For additional information on the School Safety Patrol Program, CLICK HERE

To find your School Safety Patrol Program Administrator, CLICK HERE

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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