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Don't Pay Full Price For These Purchases


Quality and convenience are significant factors when making a new purchase. Often, that means buying new to save time and ensure you’re getting an excellent product. However, the pricing of some items dips at specific times of the year, which makes timing a crucial factor when buying new. Plus, you can frequently rent items or get them used, thanks to services from numerous apps and websites. 

With volatility and changes in our economy, paying full price in specific instances can set you back more than it should. Here are some purchases that you can skip paying full price on and save money.



As sharp as a tux or bridesmaid dress might be, the reality is you’ll probably never wear it again after the event. So, renting is your best bet for getting around the high costs of special-event attire. You can get deals from companies like Bag Borrow or Steal and Rent the Runway to help your wallet while still looking great. 


College textbooks can burden students already strapped from tuition and living expenses. Luckily, renting and buying used textbooks from websites like eBay or Chegg can cut costs significantly. You might also be able to share books with a fellow student or download them for a reduced price. Additionally, professors sometimes provide free PDFs and paper copies of materials, which can eliminate the need to buy books. 



When planning a vacation, travel and lodging costs can hinder how much you can afford for the fun stuff: excursions, meals, and experiences. Booking websites like can mitigate these costs by bundling the best airfare, car rental, and hotel rates. Additionally, you’ll likely get better deals if you plan well in advance. Other apps can monitor price fluctuations and notify you when it’s the best time to book. 


Driving off the lot in a new ride is enticing, but the second you do, your car’s value decreases by about 20%. That said, it’s recommended to skip the high prices and buy used. A well-maintained car from the original owner can run as reliably as a new one. With a little bargaining, you can get a car that has been taken care of at a great price. 

On the other hand, if you’re committed to buying new, try holding off until September. In any given year, fall is when new models roll out, and dealerships want to rid themselves of older cars. And when it comes to buying cars, remember to haggle! The sticker price is always inflated, so don’t be afraid to try to negotiate for a more affordable range. Pressing for a better price is crucial in the current economic climate, where inflation and global supply issues have made new car prices skyrocket. 
Buying Furniture


Like new vehicles, furniture prices can be steep. Instead of blowing your budget on a new dining room table, find used furniture on craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Plus, you can find flea markets on websites like FleaPortal for your furniture treasure hunt. Also, family and friends looking to downsize or upgrade may have furniture to give away or sell.

If buying new is your preference, try buying during the months when holiday sales are popular, such as Memorial Day, July 4, or Labor Day. Stores planning to move inventory will likely give the best deals during these months and may even provide promotional financing. 


Mattresses often receive discounts along with furniture, so keep your eye out in late spring and summer for lower prices or sales. In addition, it’s a good idea to shop around and price-compare among different mattress dealers. If you’re looking at a particular mattress in a store, you can probably pull up competitors’ pricing on your phone to get the best price without visiting multiple retailers.


Although buying used can lower prices on top luggage brands, you might miss damage or defects when inspecting prospective purchases. With suitcases and carry-ons, prioritizing function over form can help you get a set of sturdy luggage. As a result, new luggage is likely more reliable. You can usually nab the best deals in March, when the industry rolls out new models. 


What does the word “theater” mean to you? Whether the latest action movie or off-Broadway gems come to mind, tickets for various shows can be expensive. Fortunately, websites like SeatGeek and StubHub post information on when prices dip to their lowest point. 


Appliances take up a lot of showroom space, so companies have the incentive to sell off older machines every fall when updated models hit stores. As a result, you’ll get a great deal, and stores will be able to stock newer models—a win-win. 


Lawnmowers also require excessive space in warehouses and stores. Every September, as grass-cutting season winds down, you can obtain the highest discounts from stores that are eager to stock goods relevant to the dropping temperatures.