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5 Places To Sell Your Stuff

Save money and earn extra cash

Many people are choosing to buy and sell homes right now. If there’s anything that moving teaches us, it’s how much stuff we accumulate over time. So, whether you’re buying or selling your home or just want to offload some of your things and earn some cash, check out these five places to sell your stuff.

If you want to sell your things locally, then Letgo might be a good app for you. The app is free and simple to download. Once you have the app on your phone, you can upload photos of the item or items you’re selling in a manner of minutes. Letgo does not allow users to make payments via the app, which is a great way to ensure that you get top dollar for your items.


Do you have unique clothes or other pieces around your home? Etsy allows sellers to create a profile and start listing items for free. The website caters mostly toward craft and handmade items, but some people have had success selling furniture, collectibles, and other items on the website.


As the seller, you’ll be able to set the shipping price that the buyer will pay. Once the item is sold and shipped, Etsy will take 5% of the total selling price of the item before paying out to the seller.

Facebook Marketplace 

Whether selling locally or nationally, Facebook Marketplace helps make your items available to all Facebook users. You can list large or small items, set your prices, and even communicate and negotiate with potential buyers via the Facebook Messenger feature. To use Facebook Marketplace, you can choose to use your phone or a computer, making it easy to upload photos of the items you are selling.


The app does not allow users to exchange payment, so you will keep 100% percent of your profits when you sell an item. 



When you download the Nextdoor app, you can post a message, event, poll, or alert to the people in your neighborhood. This is especially helpful for selling your household items before you move. If people in your neighborhood or city have the app, they’ll be able to see what you have for sale and contact you directly via the app’s ‘For Sale and Free’ category. The buyers will pay you directly for the items you sell.



Getting rid of tons of clothes? Poshmark is an app and website that will purchase your gently used women’s, men’s, or, children’s clothing and accessories. To get started, simply download the app for free. Then, upload photos of your items, add descriptions and post them. When someone purchases an item, you’ll ship the item, then get the payment once the item is received. The buyer pays for shipping, and Poshmark takes a small percentage of the sale price of the item.


Moving can be costly, especially, if you move a bunch of things that you don’t use. If you’re moving large, heavy furniture, it may cost just as much to move it as it would be to replace an item when you get to your destination. To save money on moving and earn some cash right away, try selling the household items and clothing that you no longer need.