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Finding Unexpected Valuables In Your House


Every once in a while you hear of rare items being found in someone’s possession and sold for thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of dollars. Whenever this happens, you may start to wonder what valuable items you could have laying around your own home.

Many of us hold on to family belongings or other items we’ve completely forgotten about, but some of these heirlooms could be worth way more money than you think. Here are some things in your house that could be worth way more than you ever expected.


Vintage furniture. Interior design trends come and go, but much of the time they come back again. Furniture that was popular during your parent’s or grandparent’s time could now be back in style, so it may be worth pulling what you have out of storage.

Old cameras. If you’re holding on to a vintage camera that you can no longer use or even buy film for, you may want to consider getting it appraised. Photographers and other collectors are often on the hunt for rare, vintage models.

Rare coins. Most coins aren’t worth more than their standard value, but some coins with unique features or creation stories could be worth thousands. Some of the time it’s due to a manufacturing issue or error, while others may have some sort of historical significance.

Books. Original copies, signed copies, and other old classics may be worth something. Vintage cookbooks, especially those that have gone out of print, can also be valuable.

Old china or glassware. Depression-era glass, carnival glass, pottery/dinnerware/china with an embossed signature underneath, and others could be more collectible and valuable than you think.

Jewelry. Costume jewelry isn’t typically worth anything, but if you have some old real jewelry that you no longer wear or was handed down to you, it may be worth getting it appraised. Even if you only make back what it’s worth, it’s worth it if it’s something you don’t use.

Childhood toys. Not all toys your parents saved are worth something, but some treasures can be found, from even as early as the 1990s. Most of the time they need to be in excellent condition or unopened, but there are collectors for just about anything.

Records. Vintage vinyl is gaining in popularity, and limited release titles or sought after records could be worth something. Stereo equipment, especially vintage turntables and stereo receivers, are also potentially valuable.

Retro/vintage clothing. If you still have t-shirts from when you were a child, they may now be worth more than you paid for them. Concert, advertising, and other cool shirts are back in style and can be sold on eBay or even Etsy.

Handbags. Vintage purses or bags that are in good condition can retail for hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on the designer and style.



There are two primary ways to know if an item you have is worth anything: take it to an appraiser, or research online.

An appraiser will tell you how much the item is worth and how much you could potentially sell it for, but that doesn’t mean that’s definitely how much you’ll get. On the other hand, you can do some online research, especially on resale sites like eBay or Etsy, to learn how much similar items are selling for.

Check active listings to understand how many other similar items are out there that you’ll be competing against, and how much they are selling for. If you can’t find the exact item you have, you may be more likely to sell yours.
Google the item and look for blog posts about it. Bloggers often write for a very specific niche audience, and are knowledgeable and passionate about that niche. They may write about the item’s value.
Pinterest is a great place to check for style guides and vocabulary charts, which can help ensure your listing is a style people want and the description is written in a way that will catch attention. Keywords are very important when listing your item since it will need to be exactly what the buyer is searching for.

Remember some items may be worth more than others, depending on their pattern, color, and rarity. Make sure you’re researching the exact item you have, because even something similar to the pricey pieces you find may be worth nothing.