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8 Trending Workout Ideas for Staying Motivated to Exercise


Is getting healthier and being more active part of your New Year’s resolutions? Unsure where to start? Or, are you getting tired of the same old, boring workout routine? We’ve put together a list of some of the trendiest workouts today to help you get excited about your exercise goals, whether at home by yourself or in a class at your local gym.
Virtual Gym


Virtual reality (VR) workouts are becoming more mainstream as high-tech headsets and devices grow in popularity. Plus, software companies are adding even more apps that make working out feel like a game, like slashing shapes to the beat of the music (Beat Saber), sparring in a hyper-realistic boxing ring (Thrill of the Fight), virtual racquetball (Holoball), goal-keeping (GoalkeeperVR), and more.

12-3-30 WORKOUT

It started on TikTok and now millions of gym-goers are trying it. The workout involves a person setting a treadmill to an incline of 12, with a speed of 3 mph, and walking for 30 minutes. While it sounds easy, you’ll work up quite a sweat as you allow your body to work at a rate it can recover, while building endurance and being kinder to your joints. Gentler than running or jogging, this is a great choice for a variety of age groups and fitness levels.  

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More a new, trendy term for a tried-and-true concept, low-intensity steady-state (LISS) cardio exercises are also for people of all ages and fitness levels and involve slower, aerobic activity done for an extended period of time. While these workouts must be done for longer periods of time than other types—like high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts—they are done at the same steady pace and don’t require high concentration.

Examples of LISS cardio include walking, hiking, biking, dancing, water aerobics, gardening, shooting baskets, jumping rope, and climbing stairs.


Biophilia is the natural human instinct to connect to nature and be outdoors. Biophilia exercises combine our innate desire to be in nature and the drive to move our bodies. This can be taking an exercise class outside, like yoga in a park, or HIIT circuits, pad-work boxing, calisthenics, and other exercises that you can perform outdoors.

These workouts can reduce stress and inflammation while improving memory, mood, and cognition. Biophilia exercise also improves immunity and your general sense of well-being. Next time you’ve got a workout session, take it to your back yard or nearest park.


Another TikTok trend, the 3-2-8 workout has two variations:

  • Three days of strength training per week, two days of barre/Pilates per week, and 8,000 steps per day
  • Two days of strength training per week, three days of barre/Pilates per week, and 8,000 steps per day

You can easily tailor this plan to your fitness level and goals, making the exercise sessions between 15 – 40 minutes, with workouts that are suitable to your experience. If you’re new to exercise this may seem like a lot and if you’re a regular exerciser, this may not seem like enough. But the 3-2-8 workout lets you tailor the plan to your specific needs, and offers flexibility for those with busy lives.
Active Gym


Trampolines absorb much of the impact caused by jumping. Fitness experts have created a variety of mini trampoline exercises that provide a serious cardio workout with lower impact than traditional calisthenics. Get one for your home office space and simply move during the day or take an online jumping class. You can also find a class at a gym near you to join others in the fun and somewhat nostalgic workout.


You may have heard of the 75-Hard, an intense diet and exercise program that is designed to build mental toughness, discipline, and resilience. With strict rules and two exercises per day for 75 days, it seems (and is) pretty difficult to complete successfully (especially for beginners).

That’s why the 75-Soft was created. This beginner-friendly modification includes guidelines around working out, drinking water, maintaining certain nutrition goals, and reading. With less-strict guidelines, it can be a great introduction to getting your body and mind into shape.

Practice Ballet


While ballerinas make ballet look easy, the isolated strength exercise they do can actually be intense. Barre workouts strengthen core muscles and posture while also improving balance. Even NFL players have been said to take barre classes to work on strength and conditioning. If you’re looking for a low-impact way to strengthen your muscles and increase your heart rate, try a barre class (and no, you don’t need an actual barre!).

Being motivated about exercising is a great strategy for reaching your exercise goals. Trying different workout ideas can add excitement (and expanded skills) to your fitness routine, and give you a fresh perspective on being active.