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Routine hasn't been an often used word during the last few months. Likely in March, your routine was abruptly turned upside down by states' responses to coronavirus. As June ended, you were probably settling into this new routine, perhaps adopting these "Healthy Habits at Home”. Now, as summer concludes and workplaces and restaurants continue reopen, your routine must adapt again. As you adjust, follow these guidelines to keep your health streak going, or use this as one more opportunity to form new workout habits.

Home workout

With change comes an opportunity to throw out the bad and keep the good. Think of the last few months as your "free trial" period for at-home fitness. You tried various types of workouts, from yoga on YouTube to streaming on-demand classes. Maybe Amazon even delivered a few pieces of equipment to your home. Now that you are back to work in some capacity, it's time to get serious. Decide what you liked best, but also what you can realistically maintain at least three times during a week in which you actually have to get dressed and leave your house.

Woman cyclist at home
As life gets busier once again, even the best-intentioned may get overwhelmed and nix the workout from the calendar. To try and stay on course, find a workout partner. This can be a person at a real gym or with social distancing in mind, a virtual friend. With an abundance of fitness technologies, you can friend fellow exercisers locally or around the country. Cyclists might like the app Strava and runners might like the app Map My Run. There are also a lot of other options which allow you to check in on what your friend accomplished that day, send encouragement, and be encouraged.

Workout gear
Working out is too big of a goal. It's not specific. The method of measuring achievement isn't identified and there are no time guidelines. Set yourself up for success with a SMART goal. Identify the specific activity you want to do and decide how you will measure your accomplishment. For example: bike for 30 minutes. Make sure your goal is achievable. If you've never biked before, don't plan to bike for an hour on your first ride. Finally, ensure you identify time constraints for your goals such as three times this week.

Kayaking with friend
If your last few months didn't contain any exercise, don't despair. It's never too late to start. Fitness should be fun. So take advantage of the warmer weather. Go for a bike ride. If you can't find one to buy check for local rental options. Or try your hand at kayaking or canoeing. You don't need to go far for this; rental opportunities are available even along urban rivers. Even walking more than usual is exercise. Plan a day at your local park or botanical gardens and see how high you can get your step count.