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Why An Annual Eye Exam Is Essential Before Your Next Road Trip


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If you're hitting the road this summer for adventure and fun, you know how important it is to check your vehicle to make sure it's roadworthy before going on an extended road trip. But eye experts recommend providing your eyes with a similar safety check before hitting the road. Doctor Anna C. Hopkins, an Optometrist with LensCrafters at Anderson Towne Center in Anderson Township, Ohio, recommends a annual eye exam before your next road trip to make sure you can drive safely.

“We recommend a comprehensive eye exam on a regular basis to all of our patients. Eye exams can identify solutions that can help keep our eyes healthy and our vision clear,” reminds Hopkins. “Having an annual eye exam is extremely important, especially in our older patients. Early detection is key in prevention and detection of ocular diseases.”

Regular eye exams can help identify any vision problems that can hinder your ability to drive safely. Having healthy vision can react more quickly to changing road conditions or hazards, leading to safer roadways for all drivers and passengers.

In addition to regular vision checks, various types of lenses can help correct vision problems so you can see more clearly while behind the wheel. Hopkins shared some of the most common lenses and how they can help improve your vision before you get behind the wheel.

Prescription sunglasses combine vision correction and the benefits of sunglasses – a must for any road trip. With prescription sunglasses, patients can see clearly and have UV protection for their eyes.


Anti-reflective lenses help reduce unwanted glare from streetlights and headlights, allowing patients to see more clearly while reducing glare while driving.


Used to correct one type of vision, single vision lenses can help either nearsighted or farsighted patients.

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Transitions lenses quickly darken when exposed to sunlight and fade back to clear when indoor, automatically adapting to changing light.

Before you take your road trip, a vision expert can help you determine what lens type is best for your vision correction needs.

“Vision is our top priority here. Our focus is to deliver that quality service to every patient we see,” says Hopkins. “With state-of-the-art technology, we can provide a more customized and personal approach to their eye care. Having healthy vision and an annual eye exam can help correct, protect, and enhance a patient's vision while on the road. Having a wide variety of lens options can help make a patient feel safer and more comfortable while driving."

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