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Testing GoToob


There is no harder task for a lot of travelers than getting all of their gels and liquids into the dreaded quart-sized bag when carrying luggage onto a plane. Like many travelers, I have been searching for the perfect containers to store my shampoo, face wash, and other liquids that won’t explode during travel due to changes in cabin pressure. So when I heard a AAA Travel Agent recommend the GoToob to a client, I was intrigued.

GoToob is a flexible, silicon tube made to house all of your liquids and gels during travel.

 Advertised as 100% BPA and PC-free, the GoToob is available in both small, medium, and large sizes, and in a variety of colors. GoToob even recommends using the containers for in-flight snacks (or beverages).

I recently used GoToob on a trip to our nation’s capital. I started my pre-trip ritual of filling a small GoToob with shampoo. The wide opening at the top made this an easy task, especially compared to some smaller tubes I’ve tried in the past. I had no problems with shampoo backing up at the mouth of the tube, which was a pleasant surprise.

The GoToob also has the benefit of a label area at the top of the nozzle where one can write the contents of the tube on the outside, making it difficult to mistake your shampoo for your conditioner.

My GoToobs fit perfectly in my quart-sized carry-on bag for travel, amongst all my other liquids, gels, and aerosols. Upon landing in Washington, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the contents hadn’t leaked.

Using the GoToob was just as easy as filling it—the flexible silicon made it easy to get every last drop of shampoo out of the container, so no product went to waste—a stark contrast to the generic, hard plastic tubes I’ve used in the past that frequently crack when pressure is applied.

So, fear not, frequent travelers—there is finally a solution that allows you to get every last drop of your liquids and gels that is approved for your carry-on.