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My husband and I are settling into what we hope will be our ‘forever home’ and are finally beyond the years of hand-me-down furniture. We have upgraded our living room furniture and have invested in higher-end electronics both for entertainment and to make working from home more comfortable. In the past year, we’ve inherited many family heirlooms: an antique piano, several pieces of fine jewelry and an 18th-century portrait of my great-great-grandmother.

Our family has always chosen our insurance policy based on price, but now, we want to ensure that we have the insurance coverage we need to protect our home upgrades and treasured heirlooms. Where do we start?

—Finally Settling Down, Cincinnati, Ohio

Forever Home

Our job as AAA Insurance agents is to help our members be prepared for whatever twists and turns they encounter along the road of life. And we know that your house isn’t just a house; it’s your home, the place where you make memories with your family. Your home represents years of hard work. That’s why we work hard to find a policy that is personalized to your needs. We can’t know what coverage you need until we get to know you. And the best way to know what your family needs is to have a conversation.

As a benefit of your AAA membership, you are entitled to an annual insurance coverage review. During the review, you’ll talk with one of AAA’s expert insurance agents and review your current coverages. We’ll ask detailed questions to determine what policy options best suit your current lifestyle: How long have you lived in your current home? Do you have any pets? What items mean the most to you? Do you like to entertain or host family holidays? Once we have identified your coverage priorities, your agent will review your options and provide a detailed policy recommendation.

Engaging in a conversation about your coverage needs and policy options with an agent is the best way to ensure that you have the most comprehensive protection.

For immediate peace of mind, we also recommend that you create a simple home inventory to help you track what you own and document each item’s monetary value. Even a basic list of your property can be invaluable in deciding how much insurance coverage you need and ensuring that you are protected if you ever need to file a claim. And remember: when making a new purchase, be sure to add it to your documentation.

For additional information on how to start your home inventory and for a free, downloadable checklist, visit