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I Rented An Electric Vehicle – Here’s What It Was Like


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If you know anything about me, it’s that I love to explore hidden gems wherever I go. Recently, I decided to explore the city of Cincinnati. I’m a real foodie, and I was excited to explore Findlay Market – Ohio’s oldest continuously operated public market. To make this trip possible, I decided to rent an electric vehicle (EV) with Hertz using my AAA membership discounts.

If you haven’t heard of Hertz, it’s probably because you’ve never rented a car. Hertz has the largest EV rental fleet in North America, and they even let you select your own vehicle.

woman sitting in an electric hertz rental vehicle

If you want to skip the counter and head straight to your car, just join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards with your AAA Membership. You’ll also get one free day after your first Gold rental.

As a AAA member, you’ll get everyday savings of up to 20% on all rentals at Hertz and the fee is waived for drivers under 25. Whether you’re booking on-site or online, renting the car and picking it up is super easy.

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For my first EV rental, I selected a Chevy Bolt from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport Hertz location. Because it’s an EV, there are less carbon emissions which means less harm to the environment. Plus, it’s way cheaper than stopping for gas. By choosing an EV, I didn’t sacrifice performance or power. The drive was smooth and quiet, which means I can listen to my favorite music even more when I drive.

Flo; electric vehicle charging station

I left Hertz with the battery well charged, but there was a charger at Findlay Market. I decided to give it a try to see how easy it was to charge the car. It was pretty easy. All I had to do was open the charge port and connect the charging cord to the dock. It’s a simple process, and it was made even easier by the email Hertz sends all EV renters like me. All you need to know about using and charging the EV is right in the email. 

I took a pretty short drive in my rental EV. But if you’re planning a road trip, it’s important to pre-plan where charging stations are located.

In the end, if you’re thinking about renting an EV, go with Hertz and be sure to use your AAA membership discounts and benefits.