Caribbean Travel Tips from AAA Travel

  • For the best prices, visit during “shoulder season”– late spring (after spring break but before Memorial Day) or fall (after kids are back in school but before Thanksgiving). The weather is beautiful, there are fewer crowds, and you’ll get better prices.
  • The Caribbean is one destination where you definitely benefit from purchasing a packaged vacation. While it may be tempting to book your airline tickets, hotels, and car rental separately, your AAA travel agent can find you a better price by bundling these into a package. Plus, the package may include airport to hotel transfers, so you may not need to go through the extra expense and hassle of renting a car.
  • Leverage the personal experience of your AAA travel agent and choose your island wisely. Not only does each island have its own unique culture, some are more expensive than others. Airfare should be a consideration; more competition flying into a destination means lower fares, as does the service of a low-cost carrier. Also, choosing an island that accepts U.S. dollars can help you avoid costly exchange rates.
  • Anywhere you go, you’ll find that the Caribbean is a laid-back, yet active vacation destination. Pack for comfort, including walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Bring a pair of jeans if you plan on horseback riding, and a light jacket for cooler evenings. Women will want to get dressed up at night in “resort chic” dresses. Many resorts require that men wear long pants to restaurants at night, so be sure to check with your AAA travel agent for specific information.
  • Speaking of packing, be sure to pack a change of island-appropriate clothing in your carry-on bag, along with a bathing suit, sandals and cover up. In the event of misdirected luggage, you’ll at least have something to get you through the first day.
  • Before you go, visit your neighborhood AAA store to check out the selection of lightweight luggage and carry-ons, and much more.