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Country Walkers

Get to the heart of your destination. Country Walkers insider knowledge takes you farther and gives you a more authentic experience than you could have on your own.

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Why Walk with Country Walkers?

When you travel on foot, you give yourself an amazing gift. You enter towns and villages easily...blending in and engaging like a local. Everything is more vivid, more personal. More unexpected. And best of all, more lasting.

With Country Walkers, you will get to the heart of your destination because they are committed to taking you farther for the most authentic experience possible.

  • Mingle with the locals: Stroll through local vineyards and markets and make real connections with the folks who call your destinations home.
  • Enjoy unique experiences: do what the locals do...maybe you'd like to go truffle hunting. Or maybe take a class and learn the local dance steps. Cook delicious delicacies with a local chef. Tailor your activities to your interests!
  • Discover the unexpected: Country Walkers have the insider access that takes you beyond what's in the guide books. That means you'll find hidden gems that will make you trip even more memorable.

Let Country Walkers handle all the details for a seamless experience you'll truly enjoy!


The Perfect Vacation for Each Month of the Year

Thinking about a walker tour but don't know where to go when?  Let Country Walkers recommend the perfect destination.

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