What experience do you want to have in Ireland? With the many choices of accommodations, you have options to make your vacation special.

Tourist Class Hotels

By U.S. standards, these are the typical hotels that you might choose on any vacation, and range from “three-star” properties with many room amenities, private baths, TV and phone, dining facilities and an eye on comfort; all the way up to “five-star” deluxe hotels offering all the modern comforts and highest levels of service. These are typically selected for escorted vacations based on your accommodation preferences. When in Dublin, AAA recommends the O’Callaghan Hotels, a privately owned Irish hotel group with four properties in the city. For a preview, visit the O’Callaghan in Annapolis, Maryland.

Bed & Breakfasts

A great way to get local insight into things to do and see, and meet other like-minded tourists, B&Bs can be a less expensive way to tour the country with a lot of charm built in. For example in Galway, AAA recommends St. Judes, a restored 1920s property within walking distance of the city’s center (which means you won’t have to worry about finding a parking space in the busy town). With any B&B stay, it’s best to make reservations in advance. There are hundreds to choose from; let your travel agent know your preferences to help narrow down the myriad of choices.

Castles & Manors

There’s no shortage of castles and manors to make your Ireland vacation a real-life fairy tale. Destination weddings at these properties are becoming a popular option, as are honeymoons. These accommodations have a unique style, ranging from stone walled 15th century turrets to luxurious modern-day royalty…so choose carefully depending on what you’re looking for.

Other Accommodation Options

Private homes for rent, luxury villas, townhouses, and cottages. These are great options for groups of people traveling together for reunions, or for multigenerational families, or anyone planning an extended visit to Ireland. These types of accommodations are popular with Irish vacationers during the summer months, particularly on the West and “sunny South” of the country, so be sure to plan ahead.

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