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Make Economy Feel Like First Class


Do long flights in Economy seats make you feel like you’re stuck in limbo? Whether it’s the crying baby in the row ahead of you or the cramped quarters, here are some simple and inexpensive upgrades to make your flight more enjoyable.

1.  Dress comfortably. Loose-fitting clothes, jeans, and comfortable shoes are a must even for short flights. Comfortable clothing will help you sleep on a long flight, and feel better on a short one.

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2.  Invest in noise-cancelling headphones. This is the easiest way to block out the hum of the engines or the noise made by your fellow passengers. Plus, you can enjoy your music or movie without auditory distractions.

Make Economy Feel Like First Class 

3.  Bring a neck pillow. Neck pillows can help you maintain better posture during a long flight, but also provide you comfort if you want to sleep.

4.  Hydrate. Hydrate your body and your skin during your next flight. Drinking water instead of tea, alcohol, coffee, or soft drinks will help you catch a nap and quench your thirst. The low humidity on the plane can dry out your skin, so apply moisturizer before and during your flight to get your glow back.

5.  Pack snacks. Be sure to bring your favorite snack on your next flight, in case your airline doesn’t provide any free light bites. One favorite trick? Instant oatmeal. Throw a packet of instant oatmeal in your carry-on, and then all you have to do is ask the flight attendant for some hot water. It’s the perfect protein-packed snack.