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Travel Gear Our Agents Say You Can’t Travel Without


Vacation season is here, and it's been a while since some of us have traveled. As a result, it may be difficult to remember what to pack for a trip these days. To help ensure you're prepared to head out on an adventure, we asked our travel agents the travel gear they never leave home without.
Anti Theft Heritage Tour Bag

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Available in a variety of styles from crossbody to daypack, two of our travel agents said travel bags from Pacsafe or Travelon are a must.

It’s nice to have a small daypack for a camera, water bottle, and headphones,” says travel agent Matt Bert of Wichita, Kansas. “I love that they can’t be cut or torn easily.

Pacsafe and Travelon pride themselves in making bags that offer slashguard protection with plenty of space—perfect for keeping your belonging safe and organized.

“They’re the perfect size to hold everything you need,” notes travel advisor Shawn Cordle of Swift Creek, Virginia. “There’s no fear of pickpockets or theft.”
TSA Accepted Combination Luggage Lock

For those traveling by air, TSA-approved locks allow you to keep your luggage secure while still meeting the standards set forth by the Transportation Security Administration.

“They keep your things protected,” remarks travel advisor Barbara Taglienti of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. “I use one on my carry-on bag to keep my passport and other important items safe.”

TSA-approved locks have special access for TSA to unlock your suitcase without having to cut or destroy the lock if they should need access.
Set Of 3 Packing Organizer
Packing cubes
are the latest trend in packing, promoting organization and saving space. In fact, we recently put them to the test to see how well they worked against other packing methods. But many like them for their organizational abilities.

“Pack each day in a cube for your entire family,” suggests travel advisor Vanessa Williams of Tom’s River, New Jersey. “They really can simplify your day-to-day when traveling.”
RFID Blocking Passport Wallet
With the continued transition to RFID credit and debit cards in the United States, the risk of credit card skimming has increased. RFID-blocking credit card sleeves can prevent credit card skimmers from collecting data from your RFID-enabled credit and debit cards.

“Not only does it protect your credit card, but it eliminates a lot of stress since it reduces the risk of your credit card being compromised,” says travel advisor Ann Vickers of Hamilton, New Jersey.

In addition to credit card sleeves, other RFID products like wallets and passport cases also offer similar protection.
Waterproof Phone Dry Bag
If you're headed to the beach or the pool and want to capture your fun memories in the sun, consider a waterproof phone dry-bag. The bags keep smartphones, cameras, and other electronics clean and dry.

"For anyone going to a warm-weather destination, I always recommend a waterproof phone bag," says travel advisor Barbara Taglienti of Mount Laurel, New Jersey. “It also keeps the sand out of your phone and doubles as a place to keep your room key.”