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4 Apps to Help You Plan the Best Road Trip


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Taking a road trip? You’ve mapped out your destination, and you’re ready to go. What happens from point A to Point B will be filled with questions. Where do you stop for gas or food? Would this town make a nice stopover? These apps answer these questions, making the journey just as fun as the destination.

Autio app open on smartphone attached to dashboard inside of carAutio app being used by driver; Photo courtesy of Autio

If you’re a history buff like actor Kevin Costner, this is the app for you. Costner co-founded Autio, an app that matches stories to your exact location. Costner himself narrates a handful of the stories along with Phil Jackson (New York Knicks coach/player), John Lithgow (actor), and a host of other narrators.

Stories about history, sports, culture, music, natural wonders, and more transform road trips into fascinating adventures. You might even be inspired to pull over and explore more. With 11,000+ stories across America (and more being added), you’ll uncover tales in remote, off-the-beaten-path locales and big city secrets.

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This app is like your own “pocket travel agent.” Exclusive and free to AAA members, the AAA app handles it all—towing, travel, benefits, and more. For starters, you can use it to book hotels. Unlike other apps that use third party booking, you can rest assured by booking directly with hotels that show dependable Diamond Ratings. Find restaurant suggestions and cheapest gas prices that match your location. Rent a car or purchase airfare? No problem, you can do this through the app and get automatic AAA discounts.

Beyond vacation, this app helps with everyday travel needs. If you're ever stranded, you can get help in seconds, plus you can track your tow truck in real time. And, what about those benefits AAA offers? You can easily access discount partners, save your favorites, and find offerings near you.

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Man smiling at smartphone while sitting in RVNew Roadtrippers feature: Tailor your route for RVs by inputting size and propane restrictions; Photo by Raul_Mellado/

Oh, the places you’ll go, thanks to the Roadtrippers app. With cartoon illustrations that link you to fun travel finds, this app will make getting from A to Z even better. Disney World is the “Happiest Place on Earth,” but what are you missing just around the corner? With more than 300 places that people have personally experienced, you can plan that next road trip confident that you won’t miss a thing.

Roadtrippers’ newest feature allows RVers to select a route that fits their needs by inputting their rig’s size and propane restrictions. Like other apps, this one is Android and Apple compatible.

Interested? Roadtrippers can start a free, 7-day trial. Then, if not canceled, you’ll automatically be charged the $59.99 annual membership (that equals $4.99 a month). Annual subscriptions also automatically charge unless canceled.

James Gandolfini Service Area in Woodcliff Lake, NJiExit app guides drivers to the best stops along the way; Photo by Rosemarie Mosteller/

RVers and highway travelers take note, iExit is here to help. “Should I get off at this exit?” is the panicked question asked by millions cruising down the interstate at 65 mph. It’s easy to miss “the exit” for best food, hotels, even the best gas prices. The iExit app—compatible with iPhone and Android devices—solves your exit dilemma woes.

How does it work? Similar to other GPS maps, you can tell which exit has that burger and chocolate milkshake you crave. Or, you might want to continue five exits up for Italian food and cheaper gas prices. You’ll also know ahead of time to turn left off the exit, and that the distance to the gas station, for example, is .5 miles. The app uses crowd-sourced information and user reviews to provide the timeliest information for users.

Interested? iExit is free, but it comes with ads. If you want the ad-free version it’s just $2—not per month—just a one-time fee.