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Safety, education & awareness programs to keep our children safe.

See the lists and links below for more information and programs relating to getting children to school safely, and helping them stay safe as pedestrians, while taking the school bus, and even into their teens when they become new drivers.

To learn more or schedule a presentation, contact the Traffic Safety Lead in your state.

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School Programs

School’s Open:
The beginning of the school year is approaching with the fall season, and AAA urges motorists to stay alert and be cautious while children are traveling to and from school.
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Otto the Auto:
We would like you to meet "Otto the Auto." Standing three feet tall, Otto is a remote controlled talking car that engages children in fun and memorable traffic safety exercises.
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School Bus Safety:
School buses are the safest form of highway transportation. Over twenty four million children ride school buses every day. The greatest risk for these children is not riding the bus, but approaching or leaving the bus.
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Crossing guards helps kids safety cross the street

Safety Patrol

School Safety Patrol:
In May of 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt said, "In addition to the day-to-day protection against accidents to school children afforded by the patrols, the movement is unquestionably a fine builder of morale."
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Adult Crossing Guard:
Adult School Crossing Guards play an extremely important role in the school traffic safety program by providing safe crossing to and from school for thousands of school children each day.
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Safety Patrol Music Video
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Keeping Teen Drivers Safe

Teen Driving:
Driving a vehicle is one of the most dangerous things your teen will do. You can make your teen safer. AAA can help. A leader in teen driver safety for 75 years, AAA has a suite of research-based tools to help guide families through the learning-to-drive process.
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Prom is a special night for teens to celebrate the end of the school year. AAA reminds parents and teens to be extra safe this prom season.
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From Memorial Day to Labor Day, teens spend more time on the road attending graduation parties, holiday celebrations and commuting to and from summer jobs than any other season. Read AAA’s tips for Parents and Teens.
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