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A Goat Ate My Passport - Here's How a AAA Travel Advisor Saved The Day

How a AAA travel advisor helped create a magical extended vacation in Italy

At AAA, our Travel Advisors work hard each day to make sure your vacation memories are safe, protected, and enjoyable. One of our Travel Advisors shares how she saved an art lover trapped in Italy who lost her passport in an unexpected way.


The story starts with Lauren. For years she's been saying, “I should take a vacation to Italy.” So, she heads over to AAA Travel, and together we plan this incredible art tour of Florence.


She sees Michelangelo. Ghiberti. Botticelli. And finally, Alessandro—a goat with an appetite for international documents that snagged her passport out of her bag.


She calls me in tears now that her passport gone. I walk her through the entire process, step by step to get her new passport. Then, I send her a whole list of art museums for her unexpected extended vacation while she waits.


And that is why you always use a AAA Travel Advisor.