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Affordable Ways To Enhance The Look And Feel Of Your Home


Scrolling through websites devoted to celebrity homes or watching reality shows about remodeled homes can make you feel inadequate. But you don’t need to drain your bank account to make your house look more expensive and upscale. These simple ideas can enhance the look of your home and improve your mood.
Cluttered space


A neat, bright space emits an air of luxury in even a modest home, maintains Rick Berres of Honey-Doers, a remodeling company in Lakeville, Minnesota. Purge unnecessary or unwanted items, and invest in hidden storage, such as an attractive ottoman with a concealed space for blankets and toys. Decorative baskets with lids are other options. Peruse the Container Store or the Home Edit for ideas.

Undoubtedly, you’ll notice that items look organized when attractively corralled. For instance, place collections or decorative objects on stylish tray, suggests Rachel Stone, author of the blog, Stone Cottage Home: Cultivating the Art of Home.

Don’t overlook your kitchen—guests get an eyeful when you open cabinets during dinner parties. Shelf liners, drawer dividers and a well-organized lazy Susan produce an aesthetic element that “gives your kitchen a classy and high-end look,” says professional organizer Christina Giaquinto, a brand ambassador for Modular Closets. When your guests are happy, you're happy.
New coat of paint


A new coat of color can do wonders, and it won’t put a dent in your wallet, says real estate agent Peter Lucas, founder of Relocated to Andorra, a site devoted to the principality between France and Spain.

He says that when in doubt, go with white or off-white, which makes a home look spacious and clean. In fact, monochromatic color schemes of beige, gray, and other neutrals are trending in upscale homes. Before settling on any color, consider how the room’s natural light changes throughout the day, Lucas says. “Pick a hue that will look great morning, noon, and night.”

An accent wall adds a pop of color, but designers recommend keeping these to a minimum to avoid disrupting an established color scheme.
New base board


Floor and ceiling molding brings instant elegance to a room. Ornamental trim typically covers the transition between surfaces—such as the wall and the floor—but you can also use wood and paint to create a chair rail, wainscoting, or decorative wall panels.


Lighting impacts the look and feel of a space, says Meggan Fadden Wynja, design director and co-founder of Denver-based Color Cord Company, a lighting supplier. Complementary floor and table lamps promote a more polished look, she says. Conversely, too many mismatched lights can be distracting or make a room look outdated.

If you have low ceilings, change your ceiling lights to flush-mount fixtures, Wynja says. “It’s particularly good for elevating the appearance of your hallways, kitchen, and other transitional spaces.” Those with higher ceilings can make a stylish statement with a chandelier, which also provides ambient lighting.
New dinning room


Replacing light switches with modern plates is an easy way to update a room. There are a lot of choices beyond metal, wood, and plastic. You can paint plates the color of the wall for a seamless look, invest in some artistic switch plates—or DIY—for a unique touch.

While you’re at it, upgrade old door handles, cabinet-drawer pulls, and hardware for curtains with more modern choices.


Apartment dwellers face remodeling limitations, as the majority of landlords don’t take kindly to major changes. That is one reason why affordable peel-and-stick products have become popular choices for backsplashes, wallpaper, or fun accents. Check brands and features to find the right type of peel-and-stick material that won't damage the walls.
Living room functionality


Well-placed potted or hanging plants are a link with nature, and a must-have for those seeking to enhance the look and feel of their home. Fresh flowers always perk up a room, especially when they’re in a stylish vase. Not only do leafy ferns and colorful blossoms look lovely, but they will also make you feel good.
New living room design


Pillows, curtains, and rugs soon become outdated and worn. Fortunately, discount stores and major brand outlets (think Pottery Barn) carry a variety of choices, many of which are grouped by colors, patterns, and fabrics. Next up…think about your linens, shower curtains, etc.
Resale shop


When buying furniture, consider high-quality, secondhand items or pieces that serve multiple purposes, such as sofa beds, cocktail ottomans, and stylish storage benches.