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Avoid These Road Construction Projects This Summer


As winter releases its grip and signs of spring abound, it's a great time to plan your summer road trips. Unfortunately, summer is also Orange Barrel Season, which means construction, traffic, and unexpected detours can snarl a good road trip. As you plan your trip, review these significant construction projects scheduled for major roadways in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.


I-70/I-71 IN OHIO

The Ohio Department of Transportation's (ODOT) I-70/I-71 Downtown Ramp Up project is still ongoing. This multiphase project started in the Summer of 2019 and is scheduled to end in fall 2026. The current phasetitled 4R / 6R, is focused on new ramps and bridge work.

There will be a new ramp from I-70 East to Fulton St., plus a new ramp from Mound St. to I-71 South. As for bridges, the Front Street Bridge over I-70 will be replaced, and I-70 bridges over Souder Rd., Short St., and SR 315 will also undergo construction to widen, replace, or rehab the structures.

During this construction phase, drivers can expect closed ramps and roads in the surrounding areas. The loop ramp from I-70 East to SR 315 will close, as will the exit ramp from I-70 East to Front St. and the exit ramp from I-70 East to Livingston Ave.
Interstate 95


Another multiyear, multiphase project is well underway on I-95. The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) is starting phases GR5 and GR6 of its reconstruction project. These phases will complete the extensive work on I-95 from Allegheny Avenue to the Interstate 676 interchange.

For these final phases, PennDOT will construct retaining walls to support embankments along I-95 and replace bridges over six streets. In addition, the I-676/Vine Street ramp connections with I-95 North and I-95 South will be reconstructed to improve traffic flow and safety.

These phases of the project are still in the planning stage, so as summer approaches, drivers should check the project website at for updated information.


The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) is also working on I-95. Various projects have already been completed on the state's portion of I-95, but more work is planned. In spring 2023, DelDOT started a four-year project to improve safety and reduce congestion at the I-95/SR 896 interchange. This area was identified as being prone to accidents and congestion due to increased traffic levels.

Several overpasses and eight bridges, including four over the Christina River and two over railroad lines, are being constructed to address these concerns. As part of this significant project, a number of retaining walls, concrete barriers, and berms will also be installed.

Due to the location of this construction, Delaware and Maryland drivers alike will be affected, including those heading to the University of Delaware.



The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has been executing its I-270 North Design Build Project for the last three years. The work location is from McDonnell Blvd. to Bellefontaine Rd. The project's focus is to improve safety and reliability along the route. This is being accomplished through new bridges, improved accessibility for cyclists and pedestrians, and an additional driving lane in both directions on I-270.

As the project schedule enters its final year, crews will finish work on the lane-widening portion of the project and construct bridges over New Halls Ferry Rd. and New Florissant Rd.

Construction will require month-long closures of various sections of the highway during summer 2023, including I-270 West to the 367-North ramp and the I-270 West exit ramp to New Halls Ferry Rd.