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EVs That Excel


For years, you’ve been told that electric vehicles (EVs) are the personal transportation of the future. What nobody may have told you is that the future is now.

For proof, we present eight of the best all-electric car and crossover models you can buy today. Which one you choose will come down to not only style but also practical matters such as EPA-rated mileage range on a full battery charge, passenger and cargo space, and, of course, price, including applicable rebates and incentives (which often vary by model).

That said, we think you’ll find plenty of excellent choices among the following models.

Chevrolet Bolt EUV
Courtesy of Chevrolet

EPA Range:
259/247 Miles
Base Price:

The compact Bolt EV hatchback and its slightly larger Bolt EUV crossover sibling are what most people envision when they picture urban runabouts. While not ideal for cross-country jaunts because of their small size, their solid range estimates mean these are EVs you may have to charge only every few days. Affordable price tags are another plus.

Mustang Mach E
Courtesy of Ford
EPA Range:
314 miles
Base Price:

“Sporty EV” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s a fitting description of this compact all-electric crossover. While purists may grouse about applying the Mustang name to a model with an SUV profile, driving the Mach E leaves no doubt that it is a legitimate heir to the iconic coupe’s legacy. It's one of those rare models that’s both stylish and practical
Hyundai Ioniq 5
Courtesy of Hyundai


EPA Range:
 256 Miles
Base Price:

The first thing you’ll notice about this compact crossover is its dramatic modern styling. Besides its eye-catching appeal, the Ioniq 5 offers a choice of one or two electric motors and two different battery packs, the largest of which helps it crack the impressive 300 miles-per-charge barrier with the single-motor powertrain.

Kia EV6
Courtesy of Kia

EPA Range:
232/310 miles
Base Price:

Like the original hybrids, the EV6’s distinctive looks are likely to cause passersby to exclaim with admiration, “Wow, what is that? The answer is a crossover that combines sporty handling with a practical interior. Available with one or two electric motors, versions with the single motor and smaller battery pack are good for 232 miles; with the larger battery, it will go 310 miles per charge.

Polestar 2
Courtesy of Polestar
EPA Range:
270 miles
Base Price:

This second offering from Volvo’s all-electric sub-brand is good-looking without being flashy. Front-wheel-drive models are rated at a healthy range of up to 270 miles of range. Add acceleration that was once the exclusive territory of supercars along with such design details as an interior done up in completely vegan (yes, you read that right) materials, and you have a sedan that’s a standout without standing out.

Tesla Model 3 Sedan
Courtesy of Tesla
EPA Range:
272/315/358 miles
Base Price:
Ah, Tesla, the company that made electric cars cool. The Model 3 sedan is the company’s most affordable version. Handling is above average, and acceleration is impressive. In an equally important performance measurement, the rear-wheel-drive base model will go more than 270 miles on a full load of electrons. Even more impressive are the dual-motor models that can get better than 350 miles on a single charge.
Volkswagen ID4
Courtesy of Volkswagen
EPA Range:
260 miles
Base Price:

Yes, ID.4 is a strange name, but don’t let that put you off. This electric crossover features a roomy interior with comfortable accommodations in the front and back passenger areas. Fold down the rear seatbacks, and you can haul up to 64.2 cubic feet of cargo. It’s offered in both single-motor and dual-motor versions; the latter gives it all-wheel drive that produces more sprightly acceleration and an advantage when driving conditions turn dicey.
Volvo XC40 Recharge
Courtesy of Volvo
EPA Range:
223 miles
Base Price:

With twin electric motors, this compact all-wheel-drive crossover is both quick and sure-footed. As the all-electric sibling of Volvo’s smallest SUV, the XC40 Recharge has room for four and a decent amount of cargo. A handy “frunk” (front trunk) under the hood will stow still more stuff. Consider Volvo’s Scandinavian-inspired interior and its reputation for safety, and you have one well-rounded electric crossover.