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How to Protect Your Home and Prep Your Car Before Vacation

12 simple tips to secure your home and prep your car for a worry-free trip

Vacation time is here! Chances are, you’ve already planned your itinerary, but have you prepped your home and vehicle for your upcoming getaway? Here’s how to safeguard your home and ready your car so that you can rest easy on vacation.

Man installing home security cameraMan installing home security camera; Photo by ronstik/

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Set your thermostat accordingly. Before you leave, raise or lower the temperature (based on the weather) to save on energy costs.

Clean out your refrigerator. Throw out food that won’t be fresh when you return. Take out the garbage to avoid any smells that could linger.

Avoid posting your travel plans on social media. You don’t want the wrong people to know that you’re away.

Install a home security camera. New surveillance technology allows for recording and playback of videos to monitor the outside of your home.

Lock all doors and windows. This one sounds like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to overlook locks when we’re in a rush to catch a flight or are packing up the car. Do a once-over of the entire house to confirm that all entryways are locked.

Arrange for someone to check on your home. Ask a trusted friend or family member to come by while you’re away. Ask them to bring in your mail (or have it held by the post office) and water your plants. The activity at your house will also help deter any potentially unwanted visitors.

Car tire being filled with airMechanic adding air to car tire; Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/


Check your tire pressure. Even if you’re planning a short road trip, it’s important to ensure there is proper air in your tires. Keep a portable air pump in your trunk for any unexpected situations.

Complete any upcoming vehicle maintenance. Schedule that oil change or service appointment well before your trip to avoid any car troubles.

Throw in portable cellphone chargers. Keeping your cellphone charged is especially critical when using the GPS on your phone to get to the airport or your destination as well as for emergencies.

Keep a first-aid kit at the ready. An emergency kit is also important for long road trips and routine travel alike. Include blankets, too.

Pack bottled water and snacks. Keep your family hydrated as well as energized with healthy snacks.

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