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Where to Look for a Missing Vehicle Service Manual

How do-it-yourselfers can find service information for their vehicle

Q: I like to service my own vehicles for routine maintenance and minor repairs. I have not been able to find a printed service manual for my 2022 GMC Acadia even though the owner’s manual refers to a source that is not part of General Motors. Any suggestions?

A: Service information is becoming more difficult to find, and when you do find it, it can be expensive. For example, the most recent factory repair manual for a GMC Acadia from the source listed in the owner’s manual covers the 2019 model and costs $475. Add that to the costs of specialized tools and test equipment, which are becoming more important in accomplishing even simple do-it-yourself repairs and service, and there is good reason to seek out a professional for many jobs.

There are other options, though. Online sites, some of which are affiliated with an automaker, allow you to access service and repair information. Do-it-yourselfers can arrange to access information for only one make and model on some of these sites and pay accordingly for the service. There are also some third-party providers offering service information on USB drives, CDs and through downloads.

Abridged repair manuals from third parties are also available for some models, though these offerings lack the detail found in the factory manuals.

Fortunately, your 2022 model Acadia is relatively new, so needed repairs should be either nonexistent or few. Until printed material becomes available, perhaps an online site will meet your needs.


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