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2022 Review: Lexus RX 350h

The all-new Lexus RX offers you plenty of choices, making it our top pick in this category.

 The first thing you’ll notice about the fifth generation of this midsize luxury crossover is the revamped exterior that gives it a familiar yet slightly more aggressive look.

The most significant upgrades, however, are under the hood. The outgoing model’s V6 has been ditched in favor of four more fuel-efficient powertrains (three of them hybrids). Front-wheel drive is standard on the entry-level RX, while higher trim levels get all-wheel drive.

Of the models I drove, I found myself drawn to the RX 350h. This gasoline-electric hybrid’s powertrain delivered a more-than-adequate 246 horsepower (hp) and an estimated 37 miles per gallon (mpg) city, resulting in a nice balance of snappy performance and above-average fuel economy.

Other choices include a forthcoming plug-in hybrid model [ballpark when available?], known as the RX 450h, with a larger rechargeable battery pack that allows it to travel farther [ballpark how much farther?] in all-electric mode. If it’s excitement you’re after, there’s also a new RX 500h F Sport Performance model with a 271-hp hybrid system that gives it even stronger acceleration.

On the road, you’ll find a big part of the RX’s appeal is its sophisticated driving quality. The ride is luxury-sedan smooth, and the steering and suspension deliver handling that is quite impressive by crossover standards.

In this latest iteration, overall dimensions of the five-passenger RX (the seven-passenger version has been dropped) remain largely unchanged. The wheelbase has been stretched 2.3 inches and overall length shortened by the same amount. These may seem like tweaks, but they give this new version noticeably more rear-seat legroom and a slightly more spacious cargo hold.

Inside, the RX 350h I tested featured the high-quality materials, attractive design and quiet ride you’d expect from a luxury brand. Adding to the ride’s comfort were a head-up display, a large 14-inch infotainment touchscreen, cloud-based navigation, multicolor accent lighting, a panoramic glass sunroof, wireless cell phone integration and more. A full suite of advanced safety features, including automatic emergency braking, is also standard across the lineup.

The original Lexus RX was one of the first luxury crossovers two decades ago, and this new one offers enough choices to keep it competitive with the dozens of models that have come along since.  

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  • NA City[the review itself says 37 mpg city]/NA Highway



  • Base MSRP: $TK,000
  • As Tested: $TK,000