Scuba Diving in the Carribean

Why The Caribbean For Your Next Vacation

Why should the Caribbean be your next vacation stop? The Caribbean is more than just amazing beaches and fun in the sun! Learn why the Caribbean is the perfect spot for your next trip.

Region of Historical Significance.

While most people visit the Caribbean for its fabulous sun-drenched beaches, crystal blue waters and duty-free shopping, the islands of the Caribbean are rich in historical significance and ancient cultures. The Dominican Republic was discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492 and was home to North America’s first cathedral, first university, and first hospital. Tales of swashbuckling pirates and buried treasure can be found here and are part of the romance of the Caribbean.

Great Value from the Mid-Atlantic Region.

A trip to the Caribbean is one of the best vacation values for U.S.-based travelers. With year-round good weather and hotel rooms to be filled, along with a weak global economy, many great values are available. Proximity to the Caribbean from the Mid-Atlantic makes it easy to take advantage of last-minute deals.

The Perfect Place to Celebrate.
One of the biggest trends in travel is the Celebration Vacation. People want to get away to celebrate an important event in their lives; in fact, nearly 70% of adults say they’ve taken a celebration vacation such as a family reunion, milestone birthday, anniversary, or destination wedding. The proximity and value of a Caribbean vacation makes Celebration Vacations to this region even more attractive.