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Over a 30-year business career, my employers have changed and my duties have evolved, but one thing has remained constant: I’ve always worked alongside colleagues in an office building. With people everywhere now finding the need to social distance, it has forced my team to work from home.  Suddenly, it felt like everything had changed – and, initially, not for the better.


The first few days were a shock to the system. I felt uprooted, disorganized, and confused. I was worried about things beyond my control, which made it hard to concentrate. Not having a comfortable workspace didn’t help. My desk and computer were in our basement rec room, where my children play noisily. My existing desk was too small for professional work. My chair lacked enough support for extended sitting. My monitor was too small, and my printer was, well, tired. Within a few days, I realized I had to create a suitable workspace or else I’d never get work done.

Working from Home 

The first challenge: figuring out where to set up my new office. I considered our master bedroom, but that didn’t feel right. Next, I considered our spare upstairs bedroom. We’d have to move some furniture, but once equipped, it would fit the bill. It was away from the hubbub of family life – and with enough space for a desk, my computer, and some office supplies.


The second hurdle: how to equip my home office quickly, affordably, and without having to shop in a busy store. That last issue was crucial. I wanted to continue my social distancing best practices. Going out into a retail environment with dozens of other people was not where I wanted to be.

I landed on the perfect solution: shopping Office Depot/OfficeMax online.


Fortunately, I landed on the perfect solution: shopping Office Depot/OfficeMax online, using my AAA office discount program.  In a few minutes, I had selected a new desk, chair, and dual computer monitors. I also rejuvenated my old laser printer by ordering a fresh toner cartridge and a cleaning kit, along with a carton of copy paper.


With these items in my Office Depot online shopping cart, I realized I could also buy discounted cleaning products, sanitizers, paper towels, and even toilet paper.  Buying toilet paper online would mean I didn’t have to endeavor out to my local grocery store to buy what has become the holy grail of products these days!


Before I knew it, my new home office was up and running – at an affordable price and without the hassles and viral danger of shopping in a brick-and-mortar store during the ongoing pandemic.

It’s been almost two weeks now since I set up my new workspace. The initial shock has worn off, and I’m feeling much more productive now.