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It had been awhile since Celebrity Cruises introduced a new ship, and Celebrity Edge was well worth the wait. With 16 decks filled with delectable cuisine, cerebral entertainment, hip common areas and well-appointed accommodations for some 2,900 passengers, Edge differs in many ways from other ocean liners. And being different is the new cool; Edge is just, well, edgy. The ship’s technology is pretty cool, too, especially when you don’t notice it. Consider the facial recognition equipment that speeds up the onboarding experience. If you’ve pre-registered online before boarding, you can simply walk onto the ship when boarding at Celebrity’s new state-of-the-art Terminal 25 in Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) Florida. It’s a practical use of technology to deliver an unparalleled guest experience. Another major part of tailoring the guest experience is Celebrity’s service-driven crew. Both parts are tied intrinsically to the line’s broader mission of promoting equality, diversity and inclusion to its worldwide audience. Yeah, that’s really cool.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

Here are a few other reasons why we think Celebrity Edge is the coolest ship at sea.

Compared with her sister ships, Celebrity Edge uses 90 percent less single-use plastics. Frilly drinks come with paper straws, and bottled water is served in fully recyclable aluminum packaging. The ship’s parabolic bow is a design rooted in Roman naval architecture that’s regaining popularity. The nearly vertical bow reduces drag in the water, and as a result, Edge is up to 25 percent more fuel efficient than Celebrity’s Solstice-class ships, the last generation of ships built by the cruise line. New technologies to improve emissions and waste purification make this ship more environmentally friendly, too. And guests can do their small part to conserve energy: you’ll have to close your verandah doors for the air conditioning to work in your stateroom.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

With a vision of creating more gender equality in this traditionally male-dominated industry, the cruise industry’s first and only female CEO—Lisa Lutoff-Perlo—is the executive who also hired the first female ship lead—Captain Kate McCue—who is expected to take charge of Edge in November 2019. Celebrity has since hired three other women to helm its ships fleet-wide. On board Edge, 37 percent of the guest-facing crew are women; the industry average is around 20 percent. Many of the ship’s lead designers were women, including London-based Kelly Hoppen, credited with creating Edge’s sometimes-funky, sometimes-surreal interior spaces. And the coolest twist on Celebrity’s girl power? The ship’s godmother is Pakistani activist and Nobel Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai, who agreed to align herself with Celebrity because of the company’s culture and focus on diversity and inclusion.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

What could be cooler than being on a magic carpet, feeling as if you were flying more than 16 stories above the sea? How about if the carpet actually moved up and down, lit up, and changed from a disembarkation point to an elegant restaurant and then to a peaceful poolside hangout? The Edge’s Magic Carpet is an open-air venue about the size of a tennis court that elevates alongside the ship, extending over the water. Guests don’t actually get to ride on it; it’s a versatile yet stationary space that has various uses throughout the cruise. By day, guests can find serenity and a cold drink at the Magic Carpet when it’s docked just a few yards away from the hubbub at the pool on Deck 14. On port days, the Magic Carpet offers a comfortable seating area and bar for those waiting to tender from Deck 2 to shore excursions. For a memorable dining experience, reserve your table for Dinner on the Edge, when the Magic Carpet perches at Deck 16 and guests can enjoy a romantic oceanside sea- and farm-to-table meal. Make reservations as soon as possible after you book your trip because this special event takes place only once during each cruise and is limited to about 100 people.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

The 916 verandah staterooms on the Celebrity Edge are well-considered spaces with ample storage space, elegant mood lighting, relatively large bath areas, flat-screen TVs, and lots of electrical plugs and USB ports for charging your devices. But that isn’t what you’ll be focused on once you step inside and see an entire wall of glass, literally bringing your room out to the edge of the ship. With the push of a button, the window slides down from the top to open halfway (which is great for sleeping to the sound of the waves). If you want to keep your balcony and lounge chairs separate from your living space, simply pull the two folding doors closed. With the folding doors open, your stateroom has almost 23 percent more space and brings you that much closer to the sea—and that, after all, is usually why one chooses a cruise vacation.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

The venues on board Edge are the framework for experiences that can get really cool—and sometimes downright kooky. The food at the 26 restaurants and cafes is inventive (consider dining in Eden restaurant on Raindrops and Life After Death, a.k.a. nuggets of lobster and ribeye steak); the entertainment is imaginative (think pop-up performers in trees on the Resort Deck); and the spa offers dozens of the latest trends for transformation (try an MLX bed massage on a warm sandy bed of amber and quartz crystal).

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Many of the venues and bars transform into different play areas from day to night. For example, you can grab a fresh chocolate croissant for breakfast at Le Grand Bistro. In the evening, the dining venue goes 3-D as Le Petite Chef, where four animated “chefs” are projected onto your tablecloth with each course and, in cartoon form, tell the story about how your meal was created (this is another experience you’ll want to book well in advance). At The Club, the entire family can enjoy an hour of interactive art play or get lost in a Laser Maze. At night, send the kids off to Celebrity’s Camp at Sea to hang out with their friends while you head back to The Club for a contemporary spin on a Speakeasy, complete with 1920s-era cocktails. Look up to see the aerial saxophone player, and then dance until dawn accompanied by massive LED screens projecting your moves. A more avant-garde experience awaits at Eden, where performance artist nymphs representing various elements of nature interact directly with guests; even “the moon” in all her glory rises on a trapeze-like fixture and wails her ascent into the night sky. In the morning, clear your head by meditating to the sounds of Eden’s sitar player. These are just a few of the unique venues that incorporate technology to create amazing experiences for guests.

Celebrity Edge Cruise Ship

Celebrity is committed to guest safety.  They have thoughtfully designing a comprehensive program to protect everyone’s health while continuing to deliver memorable cruise vacations.  In participating in Healthy Sailing panel, seventy-four detailed steps were identified to safeguard the health of the guests and crew alike.  Through this, Celebrity is committed to:

  • Take aggressive measures to prevent COVID-19 from entering a ship through robust education, screening and testing of both crew and guests prior to embarkation.
  • Reduce transmission via air management strategies and sanitation practices.
  • Implement detailed plans for addressing any positive infection onboard, including contingencies for onboard treatment and evacuation.
  • Closely control shore excursions.
  • Enhance protection for crew members.

If you would like to review the full details and reports, please visit the Healthy Sailing Panel site.